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VISIPLAN is a dose assessment program developed to assist the ALARA analyst in pre-job studies. The VISIPLAN tools assist both in the calculation and the communication in ALARA evaluations.


> The code is based on a 3D model including material, geometry and sources.
> The Point-kernel dose calculation method, with build-up correction is used.
> The code allows to perform dose assessment for tasks, trajectories and scenarios. It estimates individual and collective dose.
> Special tools are available for source sensitivity analysis and source strength determination from measured dose rate sets.


Model Building

  • Geometry, material input using 
  • primitive volumes  
  • CAD files  
  • geometric laser scanning  
  • standard material list 
  • Source input 
  • Isotopes  
  • Photon Spectra  
  • Source strength determination from dose rate measurements
    VISIPLAN Model
    Real View
    VRML Model

    General analysis

  • Dose rate grid calculation  
  • Determination of the contribution of every source at pointer position
    Dose Rate Field Representation (Isodose)


    Detailed Analysis

  • Dose calculation for tasks and trajectories  
  • Dose calculation for scenarii  
  • Determination of individual, collective and maximum individual dose  
  • Scenario comparison
    Dose Analysis, per task, per man, per source
    VRML representation


  • Standard MS-Office® package  
  • Automatic web site generation of scenario results including 3D models in VRML format and dose and dose rates on trajectories and grids  
  • Interactive geometric model in VRML format
  • Example of report


    The VISIPLAN tool set provides the analyst a practical dose assessment and dose optimisation tool. The tool set is valuable in the design of new installations, maintenance and decommissioning.