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Users download section.

The users area will be the place where you can download new update's.

This section contains releases of the software and valuable information from the developers and customer support.
This area is restricted to registered users.
The feedback of the user is of major importance to the continuing development and improvement of the software. From time to time remarks or error reports are given to us regarding the software. After an analysis from our side, we try if possible to take the remarks of the user into account. After analysis from our side, we correct reported errors if they are reproducible on our systems. This will result in a small update of the software that will be put at the disposal of the user through a file that can be downloaded from the Visiplan Community Website.
If you have problems with the software please send an email to .
Don't hesitate to send us questions, suggestions and remarks, and to share your experience with other Visiplan users.
Thank you for your confidence and for using our products.

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Remark : To get access to the download section, please ask your password by sending an email to